Sunday, August 17, 2014

China watchdogs are going after rampant corruption in healthcare, among other enterprises

 Tread carefully, Dr. Binder!  Make sure the people you do business with in China aren't part of the "rampant graft" in healthcare there.  The anti-corruption watchdog in China has announced five more years of cracking-down on corruption.

China warns again of dark side of the mooncakes
Sep 5, 2014 

China's crackdown on corruption, a scourge Communist Party leaders fear threatens their hold on power, is likely to last at least another five years, an official said, warning also against the mid-autumn tradition of handing out mooncakes as gifts.
President Xi Jinping has promised to go after "tigers and flies" in rooting out rampant graft, a campaign that has brought down politicians and company executives in industries including oil, cars and healthcare.

UCLA is involved with healthcare company in China:

 ADICON, UCLA, and Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University form Triangle Telepathology services 
 UCLA Doctor Scott Binder and friends

In the morning of Apr. 23, ADICON’s COO Janny Yang, the head of UCLA pathology outreach service Scott Binder, and the chair of second affiliated hospital Jianan Wang, signed the telepathology service contract. Three parties will utilize their own resources and advantages to provide high-end diagnosis to the clients. The trilateral leaders attending the signing ceremony included ADICON’s COO Janny Yang, international cooperation manager Ti He; UCLA’s vice director of pathology department and supervisor of dermal pathology discipline Scott Binder, supervisor of gynecological pathology and cellular pathology discipline Professor Qian JianYu; the second affiliated hospital Zhejiang university medical school’s president Wang Jian’an, vice president You Xiangdong, admin office director Wang Kai, medical department vice director Xu Hangdong, medical lab director Chen Gongxiang, pathology department director Chen Derong, International affairs office vice director Yang Mingli.
Each party expressed their good wishes for the collaboration. Dr. Binder hopes to deliver better service capacities, as well as more chances of health education and research. Mr. Wang hopes that the participation of ADICON can reach more patients who need such services. The head of pathology, Derong Chen reiterates that the digital pathology is the trend of pathology services and communications. The involvement of three parties gives this service much more chances to enjoy the high-end resources not only in China, but also abroad. Janny mentioned that much more pathologists and patients can get access of the diagnosis through ADICON’s network and logistics. It will give the final result much bigger than we thought. ADICON expected to realize a “1+1+1>3” everyone-win situation through the collaboration.
UCLA is a leading medical center in US. From the ranking by USNews, multiple areas, such as GI, urology, ophthalmology are in top 5. Through this partnership, UCLA will deliver dermatology, gastrointestinal pathology, hematology, cytology services in China. Consisting of 47 clinical or medical departments, the second affiliated hospital Zhejiang university medical school is a renowned “AAA” hospital with a history of over 100 years. It will combine the existing strong capacities of Second affiliated hospital pathology team and ADICON pathology team to serve the patients.
This partnership also includes the technical training program and quality control program, in order to improve ADICON’s pathology team. ADICON will utilize this contract to solve the difficult-to-diagnosis cases, as well as to provide research chances. It will be a comprehensive platform of “diagnosis, education, research, and service”.

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