Friday, April 25, 2014

San Diego Kaiser Permanente CFO Lynnette Seid personally created a hoax set of X-ray images

Lynette Seid, CFO and chief administrator
for San Diego Kaiser medical records

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Lynette Seid is not only Kaiser Permanente San Diego Area's Chief Financial Officer. She's also the chief administrator in charge of medical records.

I asked for my VUCG results to take to an out-of-plan doctor, and in response, Lynette Seid created this set of X-ray images.

It pretends to be a set of 13 images, but it actually consists of only 7 distinct images.

Four of the images appear twice, labeled with different numbers, but with the exact same time stamp:
#1 is identical to #4;
#2 is identical to #3,
#7 is identical to #9, and
#8 is identical #12.

One image appears three times!
(#10, #11 and #13 are identical).

Some of the copies have labels added (“scout,” “voiding,” and “post-void”), but the time stamped on each image identifies it precisely.

Image #6 is of particular interest; it is the one new image that Kaiser was willing to produce for an out-of-plan doctor.

See the 13 images--or rather, 7 images--here.

Nice work, Lynette!

Lynette Seid (Mulan7224) on Twitter

Life is truly wonderful when you love what you do and you have someone very special to share your life!

[Maura Larkins response: Seriously, Lynette? You love doing stuff like this? Do you get paid a lot to do it? And get lots of appreciation from other extremely highly-paid executives? Perhaps you are blocking out the reality that life isn't truly wonderful when one's medical records are concealed by happy folks like you.]

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